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Water Quality and Algae Questions and comments about water quality.

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Default Re: Cycling A New Tank

You could try putting some gravel from the cycled tank into a nylon or something w/ no detergents on it and stick it into the uncycled tank. I have read that works to help cycle a tank.
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Default Re: Cycling A New Tank

All of the bacteria does not live in the filter. The bacteria live on all the surfaces in the tank. On the glass, on each grain of gravel, on all the decor. Large filters with bio media and or bio wheels merely add more surface area which helps the tank bacteria consume waste. Deep vacuuming of the gravel removes some bacteria, but skimming over the top of the gravel shouldn't hurt. Removing ammonia laden water reduces the food available to the growing bacteria. It is wise not to remove too much water at a time because it lengthens the cycling process and stresses the bacteria that is trying to grow. The best bet is to change a small percentage and watch the fish for stress. The periodic addition of an ammonia "detoxifying" solution like Prime or Ammo Lock, ect will help the fish without reducing the usable ammonia. Note that there are no conditioners that actually removes ammonia from water. You have to use common sense and be patient. The only things that happen fast in the aquarium are disasters.
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