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Air Pumps Questions and comments about air pumps

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Default Re: Do You Need One

I have planted tanks that are doing very well. I'm not interested in keeping "show quality" tanks, just healthy ones. I use Florish as a fertilizer and Florish XL as a co2 supplement(per the instructions on the products). I guess that any brand name would be just as good. My plants need to be cut back about every two weeks, so I must be doing something right. I don't like air bubbles in a tank because it looks so unnatural. I personally believe that you don't have to be high tech to be successful.
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Default Re: Do You Need One

100% right. thew one time i needed to add a air pump was when i had a green water crisis. because there was not enough oxygen.
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Default Re: Do You Need One

You can test for oxygen in your tanks. I like water movement in my tanks so I have 2 bubblers in my 55g and 1 in my 20g.

I stopped the one in my 10g w/ the neon tetras because they were swimming through it and threw them to the top of the tank a bit to fast and hard.

I need to research futher into using a bubbler in a tank w/ plants 2 large java moss plants in my 20g tank. I may add a sponge filter there in place of the bubbler.

IMO using multiple filters is better then using an air pump.
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Default Re: Do You Need One

As long as you dont have too many fish it should be ok, but with more fish they require more air.
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