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Disease Questions and comments about fish diseases.

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Platy77 Platy77 is offline
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Default My Sluggish Livebearers

Hi everyone
Lately, my platies, swords, and guppies have been sluggish. They hardly eat. Those that do pick at their food. The fry are active, but not the adults. I have noticed that their feces are white and stringy.

I am treating them with Jungle Internal Parasite Guard and feeding them food medicated with Metro. They get a 25% water change and remedication every second day, as per instructions. I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. I also try to keep the lights off because the water gets too warm.

My fish appear fine on the outside--no fungus, worms, or fin rot. Water changes are done regularly and the tank is well-maintained. What gives?
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: My Sluggish Livebearers

Hi Platy77, It could be internal hexamitiasis (a parasite) Did you introduce any new fish lately? the disease is usually transmitted through their contaminated fecel matter, it can also be brought on by poor diet or stress (giving birth in livebearers is very stressful), most fish have these parasites already but they only have an ill affect when their immune system is weakened, poor water quality is also a cause, but as you mentioned your tank is well-maintained - what have you been feeding them up until now? Do you know how old they are?

Livebearers can be prone to these illnesses and it could be any number of parasites or bacteria, & if you feed tubiflex worms or bloodworms - more so with tubiflex, these can be full of bacteria/parasites. It sounds like you are doing the right thing & those meds should work - if you are using activated carbon it needs to be removed. I would keep a close eye on the fish to see if any outward signs of disease develop, like any sores etc. or they have trouble swimming. I would also continue feeding them the medicated food as well as other fish food when they get better.

You mentioned the temperature - how hot is it? often higher temps. help in dealing with these illnesses.

Are the fry in the same tank? if they are I would try & remove them if possible as fry often don't tolerate medications.

Sorry I wasn't any more help, I hope they get better!

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Platy77 Platy77 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 4
Default Re: My Sluggish Livebearers

Hi Bernie
My fishies are a little better this morning. They are eating a little and some of the adults are becoming active again. The fry are almost a month old, and they don't seem to be affected. One of my orange wag platies has clamped fins, so I'm keeping a close eye on her. We have a heat wave, so I'm keeping the lights off. The front room of the house is very warm and has been since mid-July. The temp has been reaching 30C in the tank, so I'm concerned.

They get a 25% water change and remedication today. There is no carbon in the filter, and there is aquarium salt added to reduce stress and work with the medication.

Food is usually Nutrafin flake food. Sometimes I treat them with freeze-dried Tubifex or bloodworms, giving them just enough and watching them.

I will definitely post again with an update.
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2006
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Default Re: My Sluggish Livebearers

I'm glad they are a bit better just be a bit careful with the aq.salt as some livebearers, often platies & guppies don't seem to tolerate it very well, so just small amounts are best. I would recommend not feeding the Tubifex worms as they contain so many nasty bacteria (as I mentioned previously) unless the package states that it has be treated to remove any bacteria/contaminates.

30*c is very warm - if the tank has a lid that can be removed easily, I would remove it to allow some of the heat to escape & if you have a little portable fan, I would use that as well by placing it near the tank and directing it towards the surface of the water so it gives a breeze.

These symptoms could be due to the high temps. & not parasites (just a thought) if it has been constant (does it drop dramatically at night?). Fry like warmer temps. until they get older, but adults can't handle very high temps. for too long.
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Default Re: My Sluggish Livebearers

Hi! What ingredients do Para/Guard have? Metro is more for unicelular parasites like amoebas and for anaerobic bacteria. Other meds are more specific like praziquantel. Get the medications name, search it in the internet and make sure it covers multicelular parasites. Always do it since most petshops have no idea of the medications they sell. But check the temperture first. Simplier things first. Does it receive direct sunlight? You can throw a couple of ice cubes there if you want. Later
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