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Disease Questions and comments about fish diseases.

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Default Anyone have experience with Jungle Labs Parasite Clear?

*Warning - long story ahead...

I am pretty sure there is an intestinal parasite problem in my tank. First, the standard info:
Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5
pH 7.8, Temp 78 degrees F
The tank was set up on Nov 11 2008 and the cycle completed around mid-December. About 2 weeks ago I added a female Silver molly (since I had lost a female in the cycle and there were two males with the remaining female). I also have two platies, for a total of 6 fish in 16 gal. I was doing PWC of about 15% daily until the cycle completed, then about 20-25% weekly. The tank was having a pretty nasty outbreak of brown algae and a bit of green, but I had read that this goes away so I didn't do much other than scrub it off the glass and add a Phos-X packet to the filter. The mollies were eating some of it but they really couldn't keep up.

Shortly after I brought home the silver molly, the creamsicle female molly started hiding and acting like a pregnant fish, even though her belly wasn't really big or boxy. She came out to eat and nibbled on the algae but was not as active as before. It also seems like her upper lip is sort of missing and she can't close her mouth because of this, and I noticed a red dot in the "chin" area, sort of between the bottoms of the gills. I watched her for a few days and never saw any fry. (I thought there was a little orange something darting around yesterday morning but it was out of the corner of my eye and I haven't seen it since. I realize if there were any the other fish probably ate them, which I can deal with.) Around the same time I also noticed several of the fish with stringy white poop, even though they seemed to be eating well. I put the creamsicle in a salt bath for 15 minutes 3 days ago (2 teaspoons per gallon). I had also done a 50% water change and cleaned off much of the nasty brown algae from the plants, decor and walls that same day, and added another airstone. All the fish seemed happier after that.

She actually seemed worse yesterday, listless and not eating, and very thin, with what I would call a sunken belly. I did another 15% PWC because nitrates had gone up to 10. I also repeated the salt bath and it didn't really help any more. So I did some research online and it pointed to parasite problems. I suspect they were brought in by the new silver molly. I haven't been able to set up a QT yet unfortunately.

So anyway, I picked up some Parasite Clear from Jungle Labs (active ingredients praziquantel, diflubenzuron, metronidazole, acriflavine). It says it won't harm biological filtration and the reviews I've seen say it works well. I removed the carbon as instructed and added 1 1/2 tablets last night. So far my creamsicle is hanging in there, and she didn't spit out food this morning although I did have to place it right in front of her face. She is also nibbling on algae again, which seems like a good sign. I am leaving the lights off today in hopes that it will reduce stress. I read about medicated food as well, but I didn't go that route because she wasn't eating.

Has anyone ever used this stuff? or something comparable? How fast does it work? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Default Re: Anyone have experience with Jungle Labs Parasite Clear?

I've used Jungle Labs Fungus tabs - the fizzy ones... I forget their actual name... but they worked really really well. I had a small case of fungus on a catfish that I brought home and it just got worse and worse. I pulled him and put him in a QT tank and this stuff worked really well.

its not the parasite stuff tho....

also, its very possible this is not a parasite problem... if your fish were raised in captivity. The wild-caught fish are prone to parasitic infections... they keep them in quarantine and so forth, but they can still show up with hitchhikers...
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Default Re: Anyone have experience with Jungle Labs Parasite Clear?

I really don't think you have a parasitic infection, but the Parasite Clear tank buddies won't hurt. You won't see any kind of parasite that can move fast in an aquarium. External parasites will be seen as green or amber specks that attach and or crawl on the fish's skin. Internal parasites, unless they protrude from the anal opening, are not noticeable. Google fish parasites for more detailed info.

I think you may have a bacterial infection. Keeping the water quality good will be more beneficial than meds. Big and too frequent water changes stress fish.......................Very few fish sold nowadays are "wild caught", but the possibility of parasites and other diseases still exist so it is wise to examine fish and their tank conditions closely before you buy them.

Nitrate at just 10 isn't a problem. You have added a phosphate absorbing packet which will help with the BA and GA, but reducing the light duration will do more good.

Keep this in mind: Mollys and most colored live bearers have been cross bred, inter bred, and hybridized for a very long time. They have been raised and kept in stressing conditions and when you get them, they are very weak and prone to disease.

PS: I recommend Jungle Parasite Clear Tank Buddies if your are sure you have parasites.
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Default Re: Anyone have experience with Jungle Labs Parasite Clear?

Thanks guys for the advice so far.

Just to clarify, I thought the fast-moving thing might have been a fry, but I never got a good look and it could have been just light reflections or something.

I haven't seen much new brown algae since cleaning everything off so maybe the Phos-X is helping. Before that it was taking over everything and looked awful.

I thought it was parasites because of the white stringy poop most of the fish are having, and the fact that the one molly has that weird-looking mouth and the sunken-looking belly. I have been testing the water with the API Freshwater Master Test Kit (with liquid reagents for the tests) and all the parameters are where they should be. But maybe weekly water changes wasn't often enough? I'm thinking of going to 15% every other day. What do you think?
16 gal bowfront: 1 Gold Mickey Mouse Platy, 4 Molly Fry (AKA the Fishlets)
14 gal rectangular: 1 Dalmatian Molly

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