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Tropical Fish Compatibility Questions and comments about compatibility

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MrsG MrsG is offline
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Default Paradise Fish Compatibility

I have a male and female Blue Paradise Gourami in a 20 gallon planted aquarium. I saw a Blue German Ram that I would like to have at the pet store. Does anyone know if these would be compatible? I'm getting mixed information from my google searches...

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Default Re: Paradise Fish Compatibility

Paradise Fish are generally an aggressive fish and should not be kept with slow moving fish, fish with long fins, and anything smaller than themselves.

Rams would not do well if kept with aggressive fish and Rams require better water quality and care than the average fish.
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Default Re: Paradise Fish Compatibility

I saw paradise fish at the LFS in a community tank with guppies and barbs. They were eating the guppies! I guess thats nature but wow- I blinked and the one ate a guppy -tail and all in that moment.
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