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Lighting and Heaters Questions and comments about freshwater aquarium lighting and heaters.

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Default Lighting question

If anyone has experience with these strips or knows anything about them, I would really appreciate some help -- I'm totally lost on lighting...

I priced a triple strip 48" fluorescent light fixture at my LFS but they only had a double strip fixture and the price is $96.

So I went online to PetSmart -- ten percent off this weekend and free shipping...
but I'm confused on the lights... are the T-5s really that much more energy efficient? Do they get really hot? Do they have fans? Also, which light strip works best with a top-open flip-up wooden top?

I'd be fine going with an ordinary double strip if there isn't that great a difference. I didn't have fantastic lighting in my small tank but I'd like something halfway decent for this large tank we are working on so that we can have some nicer plants.

I'm considering going with a new Hagen Glo double T-5 HO fixture $160 -- see THIS link: http://www.petsmart.com/product/inde...ductId=3060839

but they also have THIS triple T-8 tube fixture for $96:

or I could get this ordinary fluorescent double strip for $35
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