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Livebearers Questions and comments about livebearers

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Default Pregnant Mollie?

So i have two male and two female mollies. i've had for about 2 months and i don't see any fry. i know they prefer brackish water, but i was told they would still reproduce without it. I have this one female balloon Mollie. i know shes a balloon so shes suppose to big big, but when she swims by the light the bottom half of her belly seems darker then the top, like theres more mass in there. could she be pregnant? and if so, what happens from here.
Jordan Vandenberg
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D.Gray D.Gray is offline
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Default Re: Pregnant Mollie?

What happens (I am pretty sure mollies are like swordtails in this respect as they are livebearers) is she will get so fat you will think she is ready to explode.

You will need to have a tank to put all but the female in when she is giving birth so that the other three fish don't eat the fry, and when she is done birthing to put her in the tank with the others leaving the fry in their own tank (a five gallon would be sufficient for the fry). Or you could put her in a breeding box to help isolate her from the fry, but you still need to get the other fish away from her and the fry.

If you can't do a seperate tank then put alot of floating plants or a plastic leigh (hawaiian necklace) in the tank so that the fry have a place to hide.

Then you need to have either a liquid fry food or a dry fry food (baby bites) to feed the babies with until they are big enough to eat normal sized flake and food.

Finally feed the fry and watch them grow; when they are an inch or so in length you can give them away, sell them or transfer them back to a community tank if you choose to keep them.

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Default Re: Pregnant Mollie?

This is a stiky that Bernie put at the top of the Livebearer forum. Read it and most of your questions will be answered.http://www.tropicalfishforum.net/showthread.php?t=2334
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