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Livebearers Questions and comments about livebearers

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D.Gray D.Gray is offline
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Default I gots babies

My female sword gave birth Friday morning so I got her isolated and then pulled all the fish out of the tank but the babies (I put them in another tank and put a bigger filter on the other tank as I know I over stocked it).

She gave birth to around 15 healthy fry and a vast amount of dead fry, I am thinking this is due to this pair of sword tails color strain "mystic blue" as sometimes certain color strains have lower survival rates of young, for example albino.

All of the fry that were born live are healthy and eating dry fry food, liquid food with spirolina and they are picking at the gravel substrate. They are also pretty active.

The camera we have can't get pictures of them as they are too small and almost clear in color.

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Default Re: I gots babies

OHHH!!!! congrats!!! I miss my old livebearer days! I'm so glad you have that high amount of fry. And i'm sorry about the ones that didn't make it. That happened to me when i tried to mix but eventually it worked out. Congrats!! I hope they all grow up to be healthy fry!
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Default Re: I gots babies

Congratulations! That is very cool you have surviving fry.
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sandygirl sandygirl is offline
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Default Re: I gots babies

I have had at least 3 batches of babies. It is so wonderful to see the pin point fry on day one, (so many of them) then on day two the number lessens. by about day 4-6 I only have about 2-3 fry. I stand at the tank and watch them and the little ones that can swim the fastest to a safe place survive. Let nature take it's course.

If anything ever happens to my live bearers I will not purchase anymore. I don't like seeing the babies get eaten.

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