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Water Quality and Algae Questions and comments about water quality.

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Default Overwhelmed with algea!

have had my 48 gal tank up and running since november. The light is on for no more then 8 hours a day, did a 30% water change and gravel vac, cleaned off all plants (plastic) ect. 1 week later there is a crazy ammount of green algea on the sides of the tank. There is so much on the back wall that it looks like I bought a background of algea. There is also brownish-black algea on my driftwood ornament. It has only grown on the top of the decoration and looks like little hairs waving in the water. How the heck do I get rid of the green algea for good? I have a cleaner for the sides of the tank but the algea comes back the day after I clean them. Is it ok to leave the brownish-black algea on the driftwood decoration? It kinda looks cool and my Gouramis like to pick at it.
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Default Re: Overwhelmed with algea!

Algae needs food and light. Reduce both and the algae will become less of a problem. Check your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, levels. Higher levels of these is food for plants! Over feeding and foods that contain phosphates will nourish algae. A phosphate reading in a tank will make controlling the algae harder. Strong light of over 2 watts per gallon for extended periods is definitely a cause of heavy algae if the food is there. Direct sun light is even worse than strong artificial light.

Algae is actually beneficial and some is not a bad thing; too bad it looks lousy. The dark stringy algae on the DW ornament is very hard to control (Beard Algae) and you should physically remove as much as possible. You can generally scrape or wipe off the green algae on the glass. It is wise to syphon the algae out when it is scraped.

Do water changes & vacuum up waste and debris. Check and maintain good water quality. Avoid phosphates and use a resin (Bio Sorb ect.) to get it out of the tank. Experiment with light levels and duration. You might consider live plants. They compete with algae for nutrients.

These are some of the things you can do . I don't advise algacides. Others may have more suggestions. Good luck

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