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Livebearers Questions and comments about livebearers

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Default Fighting or Mateing

Today two of my Mollys really got into a fight. They spent about 2 minutes fighting each other with body contact head to head tail to tail bumping each other. No buddy seemed to get hurt. I didn't no what to do. It looked pretty violent to me. It was the Male & Female and I think the female is pregnent because she is fat and square. They didn't bother the other female. He finally backed off and hid in a corner and she carried on feeding with the rest of the tank. Why would they act in such a manor. I wish I could of had a video of it. It was like a dog fight.
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Default Re: Fighting or Mateing

I had the exact same thing happen to me. While they do this, don't do anything. Do not interfere with nature. Fish fight in nature. Think of it like interuppting wolves while they are fighting for territory. The female and male mollies can become violent at times and since it is spring which is considered "the mating season" lots of fights can break out. I caught a video of my male and female mating and a different video of them fighting. I can definetly tell the difference. Here is the link for them.

Link for fighting:

I had almost the same exact problem wiht my mollies and i'm still trying to fix it. Here is my thread i started when i cam here, which might help you:
10 gallon: Female Cambodian Betta, 2 cories
20 gallon: planning to put some livebearers
Outside Pond: empty for the winter
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