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Livebearers Questions and comments about livebearers

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daz1245 daz1245 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 13
Default gay molly's

hello people 1st i had 3 male mollys ( before i cud tel the sex ) and they were very happy 2gether and always chasing each other , so i decided to buy 2 females for them and since i put the females in they just fancy each other n dont bother with the females , there always trying to , wot it looks like , trying to suck each others gonapodium lol
and there like this all day

( the 3rd molly goten eaten buy my oscars i used to have
160 litre tank

2 plecs
2 red wag sword tails 1 male 1 female
4 guppys 1 male 3 female
3 mollys 2 male 1 female
1 male betta
2 female betta's
1 neon blue dwarf gourami female
1 neon red dwarf gourami male
3 ghost shrimps
2 big apple snails
100 or more baby snails

50 litre tank ( nursery tank )
9 baby mollys
9 baby sword tails
9 baby guppys
3 ghost shrimps
lots of snails
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Aquaman#1's Avatar
Aquaman#1 Aquaman#1 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Warner Robins Georgia
Posts: 284
Default Re: gay molly's

Well maby they are cutting down on competition. Just kidding. I think that they are just nipping each other to show which is the best,or strongest male for the females. 99% of the time animals are not gay,so just so you know.
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gally's Avatar
gally gally is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 33
Thumbs up Re: gay molly's

well as long as you live in california or massachussettes your fine, right . did they start their behavior before or after the females were introduced, this could help get to the root of the issue

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