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Livebearers Questions and comments about livebearers

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Question all livebearer tank setup

i am thinking about doing a 40 livebearer tank and was wondering how many of what kinds can i put in there i am thinking pot belly mollies and some fancy guppies and some endlers livebeaers what do u think thanks
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Default Re: all livebearer tank setup

That sounds like it would work. Keep in mind that if you don't get all one sex, you will be up to your ears in babies. Its more rare, but mollies *can* interbreed with guppies. I've heard that the end result was aggressive and steril.
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Default Re: all livebearer tank setup

I've also noticed that for some reason Endler's don't eat their babies as much as guppies. I have no idea why.

When I do livebearers, I like to get the wild-types. You may want to look into that online; there's usually more options than your local pet shop. If you go looking around on the internet, you can find wild species closely related to petshop species. Some of my favorites are Montezuma swordtails (Xiphosphorus montezumae), the pygmy swordtail (xiphophorus multilineatus), and the Endler's that you mentioned. If you get swordtails though, the one male becomes dominant and the others get duller and don't show off their colors. If you want to bred them don't forget that with livebearers almost anything in the same genus can potentially crossbred (swordtails and platy, and the aforementioned guppies, mollies, and endlers), even if they don't in the wild. If you keep more than one gender, bear in mind that females are usually pregant, so you'll usually have tons of babies even if you didn't have a male to begin with. If you decide to keep males and females, try to keep it at a ratio of one male per two or three females. Any less than that and the females will get harassed by the males. And if you wind up with more babies than you know what to do with, you can always sell them online.

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Default Re: all livebearer tank setup

Endlers dont eat their babies as much because male Endlers are smaller than Guppies and babies just dont fit in their mouth. There are many other livebearers out there than we know, but some just dont have as many colors as the ones found in stores. Search the web or Aquabid so you can get an idea of their looks. Be careful because some livebearers are more agressive than usual. But remember to try keep all the species about the same size. You can also try adding Cherry Shrimps there... Good luck!
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Default Re: all livebearer tank setup

That's weird I was just looking at livebearers on Aquabid.

They had new species of endlers that looked cool, I can't remember there names though. The endlers I have are white orange and have a little bit of green in them, which from what I read is a unique species.
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Default Re: all livebearer tank setup

pot belly mollies go well with all types of platties from my experiences, i also found that male mollies will become territorial when there are other fish competing for the top of the tank, having bottom dwellers will also help balance the tank and control the population as the females which will out number your males dont eat the frys.

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