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Default Backyard fish farm

When my kids were young, I had a ranch style house on an acre lot. There were several large oak trees that made a canopy over most of the back yard. With the help of my three children we made ourselves a fish farm. I started in the early spring by buying 4 plastic pools 8 ft. dia and 18 in. deep. I cut over flow holes near the top rims and covered them with screen to allow rain water to run off. I made covers out of 1/4 in. hardware cloth (wire mesh) to keep leaves, acorns, and birds out. I placed the pools near the base of the trees. I put construction sand in the bottoms about 1 in. deep and filled the pools. From a near by reservoir I got water hyacinths, anacharis, and hornwort and put them in the pools for plant cover. I put several pairs of Kribensis and several pairs of dwarf gourami in one. I put 50 neon tetras and a mix of colorful platies in one. I put a mix of African cichlids in the others. I got fish meal from a seed store. We watched over the pools until late October when we netted out our fish. We got a large number of offspring which were sold in our store and a wholesale dealer in a near by city. My kids and I enjoyed the experience. Anyone can do this if they have room and a good climate.

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Default Re: Backyard fish farm

Wow! That is so cool Dano!
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Default Re: Backyard fish farm

ya super sweet.
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