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View Poll Results: Do you give your fish personal names?
Yes 942 53.31%
No 825 46.69%
Voters: 1767. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

Originally Posted by pinkladyx View Post
I have named all of the fish in my tank
People name dogs & cats so why not fish?

I used to until I lost a whole school of guppies that were all named. I have not named any since.
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

we have our faves names..

my parrots are
angelina,meg and goldie ,after poofy lipped actress, since the fish ahve shapely lips..

the sharks are named by taylor..

red tail tailed shark, is JAWs and the rainbow is BRUCE, after the robot shark used in jaws..
new black tailed sharks and CHUM and CHOPPER..

we have names a few schools, like the red tetras are the indians, and i have one with a very large dorsal fin, we call him CHIEf
, since he leads the indians..

keith named my bronze corys, bluebell and klienpeter, after local dairy farms, since the fish remind him of small cows.

the danios are just the adhd fish.

thanks thats it...lol
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

hahaha the special education teacher in me totally agrees with you on this!

Originally Posted by sesquipedalianis View Post
the danios are just the adhd fish.
oOоO,oO - G~s
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

I name my fish when there are names. Right now however, my fish don't have names because i can't think of any. When i sold my mollies i stopped naming i guess.
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

My wife has named almost all of our fish. We have a bichir named scooter, a firemouth named finnegan, a peacock eel named heidi/hidey, and two lamp eye tetras named wanderlei and fedor , and several fish weve owned have gotten the name apesh!t. Those are the only ones I can remember at the moment but she has names for most of them. Part of the fun of getting a new fish is wondering what she is going to name it.
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Cool Re: Personal Names for Fish

Why ever not? I've got a sunshine pleco called Meatloaf! I like the guys music, and gave my favourite plec that name!
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MrsG MrsG is offline
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

I laughed so hard when I saw this thread. I've never considered naming my fish. After reading through this, I'd better get naming my fish. Well, not all of them... That's a cute thing to do.
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

I named my fish...

Dalmatian Molly: Danny (aka Biff because he is a big bully)
Black Molly: Barry (named by my friend in honor of our President-Elect )
Creamsicle Molly: Blondie - she comes up to the glass and talks to me!
Red Wagtail Platy: Rudy (his name was Ruby until we figured out he was a boy)
Gold Mickey Mouse Platy: Minnie, of course!

My fish look different from each other so I can easily tell who is who. I can see how it would be difficult to name fish that all look the same though.
16 gal bowfront: 1 Gold Mickey Mouse Platy, 4 Molly Fry (AKA the Fishlets)
14 gal rectangular: 1 Dalmatian Molly
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

right now I've got a mystery fish, could be a green terror or a Jack Dempsey. I cant say Dempsey well enough not to get correct so he got named Jack.
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20 gallon= maybe black widow tetras?
10 gallon= ?
5 gallon= Green Terror
3 gallon= will be guppies
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Default Re: Personal Names for Fish

my 3 parrots had names from the start, because of thier personality, beaky, bossy, and baby,if they stand out and become a favourite,they get simple easy names.
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