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Fish Only Tanks Questions and comments about tanks without corals.

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Join Date: Mar 2008
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Default Ich Problem!

My poor cute domino damsel have 4 white spot ich. What do i treat them with?? Also how long it will last?
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Default Re: Ich Problem!

Sorry to hear that Kuza

Turning up the temp. to around 84-86* is the best thing, BUT it doesn't stop the tomites that have already burrowed into the fish which cause the white cysts/spots (it does speed up the lifecycle) & there is no way to tell how many have done that - hopefully not too many! & no medication kills the tomite cysts, you have to wait until they fall off - which is when they start to reproduce & the high temps. stop this. Medications only work on the larvae.

At Lower temps. the lifecycle of Ick can be a week sometimes more, but at higher temps. it speeds up their cycle to 48 hrs or so. It is best to keep the temp. high for a couple of wks, just to make sure all the parasites are gone. The tomites die in 48 hrs if they can't find a host (fish).

There is a med. called "Rid Ich" BTW if using any type of meds. for
disease's in fish, remember to keep the tank light off, because most of these meds. are light sensitive & are made less effective if subjected to light.
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Default Re: Ich Problem!

The Rid Ick will work, but I found that Stop Parasite was less harmful to the tank inhabitants such as shrimp. Witch ever you use, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. Some of these meds drastically affect the ph. If you up the temp above 84*f you better watch for stress. Be prepaired to do water changes if anything goes bad.

Marine ich/ick is much worse than the fresh water variety. If the affected fish is still strong you may want to try copper dips. Be sure not to get any copper in your tank!! Keep us posted.....
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kuza kuza is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: philippines, Manila
Posts: 64
Default Re: Ich Problem!


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