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Monkey Play Monkey Play is offline
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Default The Love of Little Aquarium Friends


This is the first Aquarium I have encountered which I "bumped" into while searching for some Cichlid information. And this is a very nice site I must say.

I wonder how every one in here got started with the love of their little Aquarium friends.

I personally got started when my bf got a job at a Pet Store. (He does not work there anymore). I visited the store one time and was enchanted by the variety of fishes that are freshwater. I've always love fish but I have only known of saltwater fish and I've heard they are very difficult to maintain and are quite expensive.

I had my eyes on the Neon Tetras and the beautifully colored and flambouyant guppies. I got a discount from the store and purchased a dozen of the small neon tetras and five guppies. They were very pretty on my 20 galloon tank. But because I didn't have a lot of decoration, the tank looked empty and so, I added half a dozen danios.

I took pictures of it to work and it so happened that one of my co-workers is an aqua hobbiest. He started with planted fresh water tanks but now have a saltwater tank.

He told me about fresh water plants and other type of fishes and where I can get them.

And so here I am.

How about the others? How did you get started with your love of the little aquarium friends?

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LittleHippyGirl LittleHippyGirl is offline
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Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

I love hearing about how people came to love their wet pets How long have you been keeping fish, monkey play? Its nice to meet you and we're glad to have you here at our forum.

I think I've always been fascinated by fish (and pretty much any other animal on the planet), but the spark that ignited it all happened 2 years ago. It was at highschool in my biology class when we had these biome projects. We were assigned a biome and at the end we presented at a fair the characteristics of the biome, as well as dangers that biome faces. Practically everyone with an aquatic biome went out and bought all sorts of fish and stuck them in bowls for the fair. For the danger, most students filled the water with trash, and even motor oil!!!! I was so apaulled!!! I was too shy to really do anything back then so I hoped the best to the poor fish. Weeks after the fair was over, I saw that there were a lot of tanks and bowls in the back of the classroom. One of them still had a few live fish! I talked to the biology teacher and she said take them, so I did. The three survivors were babies: a tiger barb, a black neon tetra, and black moor goldfish. The largest container was a 10 gallon tank so I brought the three home in that. I cleaned the water of debris and rotting bodies and bought all the equipment. Learning was an uphill experience because there is so much vital information out there. I ended up losing the tiger barb and then the precious black moor

That black moor sparked a huge interest in goldfish since they have so much personality. I've had about 6 goldfish since then, but they ended in depression. They didn't show symptoms in the store, but they were all sick from there. I gained a lot of experience of diseases from there, but sadly, none of the goldfish made it.

One great thing: I still have that first tetra today. He's got four more friends just like him and he's so happy. He also shares his tank with two otocinclus and a sparkling pygmy gourami. Over the past three years, their aquarium decor changed drastically from the neon gravel and plastic plants to their now very natural looking tank.Their aquarium is planted and I'm very proud of it. That ten gallon also spurred the purchase of two bettas-one male and one female, both in separate tanks of course.

Since the biome fair, animal cruelty/neglect has gotten better at the school. I told that bio teacher how I felt and that she could get in a lot of trouble. Actually, I just ran into her at Petco today! I've rescued and re-homed lots a few wet pets too. My house is kind of an unofficial aquatic sanctuary if you will. I've helped animals other than aquatic ones, but I've helped mostly fish and even a pair of african clawed frogs. Right now I've got a pair of comet goldfish as fosters And they are healthy! Go figure...

Wow that was long; I hope I didn't bore everyone! That's what happens when I sit alone on a saturday night
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

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Monkey Play Monkey Play is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Beautiful British Columbia
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Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

Wow, that's a very touching story.

It's good to know that there are people out there who truly care for thier "wet" friends.

It is not very common to know of someone who rescues our little wet companions.

Thanks for sharing.
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no_fin_nipping no_fin_nipping is offline
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Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

I got a discount from the store and purchased a dozen of the small neon tetras and five guppies. They were very pretty on my 20 galloon tank. But because I didn't have a lot of decoration, the tank looked empty and so, I added half a dozen danios.

12 neons (adult) @ 1.25" = 16"
5 guppies (adult male) @ 1.25" = 6.25"
6 danios (adult) @ 1.5" = 9"
That's conservatively 31.25" of fish.

I hate to be a kill-joy but 20 gallons can only support about 20" of petite fish such as these. If any of your guppies are female, count them as 1.5" instead of 1.25" as you would the males. If you have even one female, she's pregnant. She will pump out babies monthly. Even without your help, some will survive. I'd guess you'd help the fry survive, so lets say your 5 guppies will be 10+ within 6 months.

The only advice I can give is start shopping for a 2nd tank or at least a larger replacement for the 20.

I've been keeping and raising platties and swordtails since the 1970's. I generally trade most of the fry for supplies. If I didn't I'd be overwhelmed with fish!
I have 2 10's, a 20 high, three 20 longs and a 29 right now. I have an empty 25 and an empty 29 right now, but that probably will not last.

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Monkey Play Monkey Play is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Beautiful British Columbia
Posts: 67
Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

Wowie. Indeed that's a lot of tanks. You should share some with us on member photos.

I started with the same type of fish becuase I love the color combination in the tank.

I'm sure, yours look very colorful as well !!!
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lemuelpr lemuelpr is offline
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Wink Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

I remember I started with some fishes my brother and I catched with bread and a net in a pond where my grandpa took us. They were "wild" guppys. We end up with so much of them in a 10 gallon that they started jumping out of the tank . After that I hoped to get a tank for myself, but my brother was the one who had them. So after I moved out to my apartment I went for a 10 gallon. Now I had a 10 raising Killies, a 29 with Endlers, Neons and Cherry Shrimps, and a 55 with 2 Discus, Rainbows and some Tetras. I guess we can all agree that we thought a 10 gallon was going to be enough at the beginning .
55 gallon - 3 Discus w/ company
29 gallon - Endlers w/ Cherry Shrimps
5 10 gallons - Gardneri, Striatum Moyoko, Ijebu Ode Killifish

"It's better being happy than being right"
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Gillian Gillian is offline
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Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends


I guess we can all agree that we thought a 10 gallon was going to be enough at the beginning

Tha's so true lemuelpr!! I got my first tank a little over a year ago. It was a 5 gallon and I thought "why would I ever need more space than this?" Then when I got a 10 gallon about 8 months later, I was thinking this is twice the space and I still have the 5 gallon, I'll never need another fish tank. Well then I splurged for the 46 gallon 5 months later and sold the 10 gallon. So I have a betta in the 5 gallon and a lovely assortment in the 46 gallon. And I still want more!! I guess that's the way it is with us fish freaks... we're never satisfied!!
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Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

This response has been moved to Tim's Tropicals.

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Ariel Ariel is offline
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Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

Originally Posted by Tim View Post
What a great thread. Here’s some of my story:

My love of fish began decades ago when I was in elementary school and my parents surprised me on my birthday with a 5 gallon aquarium, stocked with live fish. I can still remember the platys and a black molly that mesmerized me as it moved around the tank. The filters back then were in-tank clear plastic canisters filled with fiber glass! I can still remember the water-wheel that turned under the release of bubbles. Later, as a teenager, I recall seeing over 100 neons at a pet store and they were all schooling together back and forth across a large tank – an unbelievable effect. I still have a soft spot for neons today.

There was a large gap in my aquarium life until about 4 years ago, when my wife surprised me with a 20 gallon tank for Christmas. I quickly expanded to 5 tanks and ended up breeding African cichlids. The young Red Blotch Zebra photos on the site are from those batches. Lately I’ve reduced to one 20 gallon tank which currently only has a Cherry Barb family in it – mom, dad and 4 kids of various ages.

Four years ago was also the beginning of my involvement in tropical fish on the web. It’s led me to become self taught in web design, database structures, graphic software, advanced programming languages and forums. Although the site has over 1,400 different users passing through every day, there are only about 10 regulars in the forum right now and they are a great group. It’s threads like this one and those great October Photo Contest pics that make it all worthwhile. This thread wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a 5 gallon tank that I was given as a gift when I was a child. Thanks for reminding me of that moment today.


and we appreciate it with all of our hearts Tim.

my story is not very "interesting" but here is how i ended up having 3 betas (and eventually 4).

someone at work brought in a male beta in a beta "condo" as decor to her desk. the beta looked so pretty and i started to think of how i'm going to have them without having to buy an aquarium.

and so i found a way.

they are so pretty and i'm just happy that they are very low maintenance.

i have now upgraded 2 of my "beta" homes and purchased another 1 more.

i will post pictures once it will be available.
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: The Love of Little Aquarium Friends

I just read this thread fully and I must say, beautiful stories …I will contribute my less than noble story.

It was a dark and stormy night, tree limbs thrashing against the window panes----------Just kidding

I have always loved animals and they have always been a part of my life, but I was never that keen on fish, even as a child, I always preferred the furry animals that you could cuddle, particularly cats, until a few years ago that is.

When I was old enough to leave home I did, and have lived by myself every since, so my family have been my animals i.e.: cats, rats, mice, zebra finches etc. I have only ever lived in small flats and have always wanted the best for my furry family, so those that lived in cages, had to have the biggest cage I could find so they would have ample room to enjoy life, but the cages would take up so much space. So after the sad demise of most of my pets (old age mainly), still had a few mice at this stage though, I thought to myself “what pet doesn’t need much space ” “A FISH”, so I went to the pet store and like so many of you I bought a 5 gallon tank, it looked quite big and the assistant said you can fit 4 goldfish in there quite comfortably, so I took her advice and bought 4 Black moor goldfish, (didn’t know anything about fish at that stage).

Well! they died within 4 weeks didn’t they! I never thought I would get that attached to them like my furry friends, but how wrong was I, I cried & cried and that was the start of my love for fish. I tried again with tropical fish and have not looked back, of course getting a bigger tank and then more tanks/more fish (you can’t just stop at one as you all know) and now can’t imagine being without them, which has lead me to where I am now with 7 tanks, which hasn’t solved the space problem at all! But frankly I don’t care; as long as my pets are happy then I’m happy. I still wish you could cuddle them though


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