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Lighting and Heaters Questions and comments about freshwater aquarium lighting and heaters.

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rocksbite rocksbite is offline
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Default underwater lighting

i saw on line a volcano that lite up like it was erupting. well the stream like setup i have doesnt really fit with it. i have seen the moon lights but what im lookign for are lights to put under rocks and plants in teh tank. has anyone done this?
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Default Re: underwater lighting

Have you gone online and looked for underwater lighting kits or any DIY material on the subject? I know it can be done, but how to do it safely is the issue.

I just googled "aquarium underwater lighting" and it is full of kits and other stuff.
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Default Re: underwater lighting

i have seen some led lights made for underwater
but i haven't noticed much on the market
i bought my led from e-bay and they weren't cheep
you have to make sure its made for underwater and not just water resistance
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Default Re: underwater lighting

We bought an expensive light w/ bubbler combo. I liked it at first but now I don't. It requires monthly cleaning to keep it from clogging where the bubbles come out. 6 months later it does not work as well as it used to.
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