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Topics for Debate Give your opinions on topics that are hotly debated, such as glofish and conditions for bettas

View Poll Results: Do you think cross breeding fish wrong?
Yes 7 33.33%
No 15 71.43%
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Default Re: Is cross breeding wrong?

Maybe they got mixed up . If you mean cross breeding with different colors then its okay with me. I do it with my mollies and i got a very beautiful turnout. Sadly i have to sell them because there are too many. But i have to agree with Dano that cross breeding is natural, and you shouldn't do anything to stop fish from doing it. You should make your tank as natural as possible.
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Default Re: Is cross breeding wrong?

In biology, when 2 animals cannt breed it's because they are different species. If they can breed, then they are not that far related and might be from the same species from different families. Many animals do cross-breed and the truth is that their babies cannt breed. Making "new" species is not that easy. Like horse with donkeys making mules. Mules cannt get pregnant. In coral reefs it happens with many species. That is what makes them so diverse. In tanks we cann't make fish breed, we just give them the right enviroment. If they did is not because we make them, its because they could do it. But again, it is not what humans have been doing for centuries? Selectively breeding the best animals of the species we have or use, like horses or dogs. Did you know sometimes polar bears pairs with black bears? I just think we want to get too much credit for things and many of them really are out of our control. Unless of course that you guys have laboratories and cross-breed fish at the molecular level... hehehe
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Post Re: Is cross breeding wrong?

It's ok, the results will not spread, and even if released the cant have any major impact, even if thousands get out, they wont last. The blood parrot fish is a cross, is sterile, and popular.
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Default Re: Is cross breeding wrong?

Many Parrot Fish are fertile and have spawned many times.
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Default Re: Is cross breeding wrong?

well this is surley a debate alright,there are for and againsts,in any animal world,ie even in fish ,my opinion is if it happens naturally, so be it, then it was meant to be, but if it forsed with unduley stress and pain and deformaties leave it be. If some species become in danger of extinction because of mans :doing :then Iagree we should try to save thier natural ability to survive with a little help,and as for the same species briging out vibrent colours, ok,a bit like mixed human race i would say,but to force cross breed, are we tampering again with nature for our own satisfaction? I own parrot fish,[ man made] but Ive read some awfullthings about injecting dyes and deformaties AFTER Ipurchased them, ?Icant save the world, but I can do my best for the ones Ive got now,

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