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Topics for Debate Give your opinions on topics that are hotly debated, such as glofish and conditions for bettas

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Pirasha Pirasha is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2008
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Default I can't believe this!

Okay so I was researching new information for my bettas, about how you can train them into doing tricks to keep them entertained.... so I was Google-ing how other people had done it and the success that they had.....then I stumbled upon www.fighterbetta.com...I was appaled!!

This is a site divoted to selling and fighting bettas! They have information on caring for and training your fighter betta...so that it will win in a fight (http://www.fighterbetta.com/trainingbettafighter.html ) I just could not believe that this would be so bluntly advertised as it is! I love bettas, they are my favorite type of fish, they have so much personalty...and this just got to me.

I'm sorry I am upset about finding this and wanted to rant a bit....I know that its not against the law or anything, but does anyone else find this as disturbing as me?
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Default Re: I can't believe this!

disturbings isn,t the word, so Im going to be polite and not even go there.
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Default Re: I can't believe this!

I hear it's a problem in Japan too. like dog fighting and cock fighting here.
isn't that against the law or something?

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