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Default new to goldfish

well,it's been over a week since my good friend Choas "the Oscar" died. i've been pretty depress from it and finally took my girlfriends adive and started up a new tank. He was all alone in a 75 gallon tank for almost have my life.

so i thought, "what should i make the tank in to??" saltwater? tropical? or.....Coldwater!!!!

so thats what im doing. here is a list of what i put in.

1 small pure white fantail named "Yoki"
1 small lionhead named "Leo"
2 small chinese high fin sharks named "Bubbles and Apollo" (my favorites)
1 small longfin calico pleco (very pretty)

now im not a newbie to fish but this is my first coldwater tank.
so i welcome any advise or tips on anything like the best food for them and diseases to look out for,
thank you.

now I need to figure out what to put in 2 empty 55's and a 27 hex tanks

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