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Disease Questions and comments about fish diseases.

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Default Oscar Losing Eye + HITH

This is my first post here, so I am going to do a quick summary of what I do and where I'm from. First, I usually go to tetra-fish for problems on my fish, but have decided to try here also for more advice on this particular case. Second, I run a fish rescue in Colorado. I just started it two months ago and really need to do the paperwork to make it a non-profit.

I have an Oscar who came to me through my sister. Her landlord had several fish, I'm assuming they were Oscars as well. They all got sick and died. This Oscar that he gave me was the lone surviver. He has massive HITH, which I treated with API General Cure, in the powder form. He still has massive wounds but I figured I would do another treatment after another week. The biggest wound seems to have a bit of scabbing on it at the moment.

The HITH is something I can treat easily, but there is something else that I need help with. When I got him, his left eye was covered in a fungus. This wasn't a bacteria, but a true fungus, as in the stuff that grows on dead tissue and eats it. At the end of the treatment of the General Cure, I did a water change and the cornea (the lens over the eye) came off along with the fungus. Of course, I was happy about that. Over the past week, I have treated with Pimafix because it is supposed to help fungus. I'm sure it really only helps bacteria fungus such as body fungus.

Currently, there is a bit of fungus coming out of the pocket of the eye, where the iris should be. I am worried about the fungus eventually killing the Oscar as the fungus is getting very close to the the brain.

Is there any other way to treat this fungus? I know that the eye will rot out, and I'm not looking to amputate myself as I've never done it. Are there any other medicines that can be used?

Also, will it be safe to eventually put him with other fish once he is all cured? I've been told that once a fish has HITH, that it is unwise to put him in with other fish as it puts them at risk. My thinking is, however, that if you cure HITH and keep your tanks clean as you are supposed to, then there is no reason that the fish cannot have tankmates.

All input is welcome. This fish will never be rehomed, but will probably be put in a 55 by himself at my house. If he will be safe to put with other fish once he's healthy then I will put him with other one-eyed fish that I have or will put him with fish he won't eat and that won't care about him any.

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