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Aquarium Tank Setup Ideas Pictures of our tanks to give ideas to everyone.

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Default Using silk flowers and plants to decorate

Here's another idea for decorating a tank. I've never done this before but it really looks great, especially with betta tanks. Its the ideal solution for smaller tanks with low lighting, or owners that don't want to deal with the hassle of caring for live plants. I want to try it out, but my betta boy would be all pouty for sure if I took out his tree trunk cave.

Silk flowers!

You can create your own surreal floral garden in the fish tank. Select colors that look good together and also compliment the color of your fish. Avoid colors that are the same or too similar as the fish color. Silk flowers are available at all craft stores, and are perfectly safe to use as long as it is all SILK. Don't buy the shiny plastic kinds, or flowers dusted with anything. Make sure there are no protruding wires too. You can also buy silk greenery for compliments, or you could do all silk plants instead of flowers (easier with a larger tank). Silk craft plants come in all sizes and shapes, and generally look less fake than the ones I've seen at the store.

After you bring them home, cut the stems to the desired lengths and put a dab of aquarium sealant at the cut end. That way if there is wire inside, water can't reach the metal and the metal can't reach the water. It helps to use the sealant to glue them to something to keep them down and secure. Let it cure for a week and its ready to go in.

Here's a photo of my flower/stone tank. Stormy and I both love it http://www.timstropicals.com/photopo...to=612&cat=579
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Default Re: Using silk flowers and plants to decorate

You have designed a beautiful tank. I am trying to get my 28 gal. in shape right now but was just interested in maybe when it is all established I could maybe have some new and exciting decorations to celibrate my success, and give my surviving buddies a treat of a redecorated home.
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Default Re: Using silk flowers and plants to decorate

I read this thread before getting my 55 gallon and Im so glad that I did! I bought all silk plants from the craft store and bent them into shape. Then put a dab of aquarium sealant on any exposed metal ends and waited a few days for it to cure. I don't have alot of plants, but I still have alot of plant cover because I was able to get really big plants that normally would cost several arms and legs at the LFS. Also, I have a 20 gallon X high tank and I got really tall plants to put in the back. And they look so natural, I just love them! So glad to have learned this tip, it's a money saver!

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Default Re: Using silk flowers and plants to decorate

The silk plant idea is great! However, I did have one bad experience. I bought an expensive decoration for my tank in the fish department of a well-know store. It was made in China and had a red plant sticking up. When I saw the big red plant I wondered about that, but. . .it was in the fish department and they wouldn't see anything unsafe, would they?

My loach died a few days later. There were red marks, I believe from his mouth on the glass of the aquarium. It seems obvious to me he sucked on the plant, got the red dye, sucked on the glass, and died from the red dye. I took the decoration out, removed the red plant, then put the decoration back in with no further problems.

To sum it up, I believe silk plants workd very well - just beware of the RED.
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Default Re: Using silk flowers and plants to decorate

I have a few plants that are a red and green mix


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