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Aquarium Tank Setup Ideas Pictures of our tanks to give ideas to everyone.

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Default Re: B-Style Tank Ideas ???Help Pls

Is the tank cycled?
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Default Re: B-Style Tank Ideas ???Help Pls

Originally Posted by Dano View Post
Is the tank cycled?
Yeah had the tank running for bout 2ish weeks now ,just added the gravel and decor yday ,started puttin fish in last night ,they seem ok
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Default Re: B-Style Tank Ideas ???Help Pls

nice mix of fish mate.

maybe a couple bunches of valsaneria would go nice with those fish.
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Default Re: B-Style Tank Ideas ???Help Pls

The tank is not cycled...you're going to have trouble. Do you have a water test kit? Keep ammonia and nitrites below 1ppm...

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Default Re: B-Style Tank Ideas ???Help Pls

Before adding more fish, I would get a test kit and track your readings for the next couple of weeks. I suggest holding with what fish you've got... don't add anything else that is alive save for plants if you so choose to add those...

test your water daily and record the results in an excel or word file... I agree with Sharon's concern that the tank is not cycled. If a tank isn't cycled, you run the very high risk of your fish dying off.

If unfamiliar with this, do a keywordsearch for 'new tank syndrome'... that will explain it all...
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Default Re: B-Style Tank Ideas ???Help Pls

The water quality problem part of this thread is now continued in this new thread http://www.tropicalfishforum.net/sho...8626#post18626 in the water quality forum.

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