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Aquarium Tank Setup Ideas Pictures of our tanks to give ideas to everyone.

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skimstr skimstr is offline
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Default Help with bubble walls!

Ok so i want to put a bubble wall in my tank but I don't want the the kind of bubble wall that shoots out millions of tiny little bubbles. I want the kind that makes larger more elegant looking bubbles similar to the tank in the video clip below. What do I need to achieve this?

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Bala Bala is offline
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Default Re: Help with bubble walls!

Try this,
Poke holes directly into your air tube. (Not pin holes but more like a small nail) Keep in mind you be experimental with this so it would be best to start with smaller holes as you can always make them bigger if need be. Now you have to plug the end of the hose or crimp it with something. Now place the air hose under the gravel as you would like and give it a test! Be sure you only poke the holes in the portions of the air hose that will be under the gravel, and you may have to weigh down the hose with a rock or something. Good luck, hope this helps. Brent
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JordanVandenberg JordanVandenberg is offline
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Default Re: Help with bubble walls!

Also, if your tight for your budget and all you have is an stone that sits on the bottom. Run the tubing down the corner, hold in place with a rock, run the tubing under the gravel and put the stone either underneath a plant or a piece of driftwood. i think this makes it look more realistic then just bubbles in the background. make sure the stone isn't to far under that you're creating stress on the pump. but usually when you run the bubbles under different objects, they vary in size. just change the depth of the stone to vary the uniformity of the bubbles. it also hides your tubing which is ideal.
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louphoenix louphoenix is offline
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Default Re: Help with bubble walls!

I've also seen online fish supply stores that sell bubble wands, which are bend-able so you can shape them any way you want.

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