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Water Quality and Algae Questions and comments about water quality.

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shadva shadva is offline
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Default high ph and nitrates with low kh

Hi guys,
I have 2 55gal tanks (1 tetra tank, 1 SA cichlid tank). Both of them read high nitrates, amm & nitrites zero. I have been doing 25% water changes 2x a week. I have noticed that my pH is kind of high at 7.6 (tap and tank), where my kH is kind of low at 3 degrees (tap & tank). I have been having random die-offs in both tanks & stressed appearance, lack of color. I have been doing some research and have a question I would like some input on.

Question is: I think I need more buffering capacity (mainly), and a more stable pH which is affected by nitrates(?), nitrate poisioning(?). I am looking at seachem neutral regulator 7.0, and am wondering how to initially dose the tanks. All at once or over several days?

I did an experiment dose in a bucket & got pH 7, and kH 9.

Bottom line is I would like the fish to be as colorful, healthy, active as possible, which includes not dying (of course). Any other suggestions.

Thanks for your help,
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Aquaman#1's Avatar
Aquaman#1 Aquaman#1 is offline
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Default Re: high ph and nitrates with low kh

Well Instead of doing 25% Do 50%,and the Nitrites Should go down. Also you can feed your cichlid Bloodworms and Smushed Crickets. They Love them,or at least mine do.

Just Do like I said and your fish should be Healthy. Remember to Enhance their diet.
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: high ph and nitrates with low kh

Hi Eric ,

Firstly may I ask a few ?’s which will help us greatly – Are your tanks still cycling or are they established? How many fish in each tank & how long have they been in the tank? and what is the exact level of the nitrate?

In an established tank Nitrate is often between 5-10 ppm. preferably as low as possible. How long has the Nitrate been a problem? High Nitrate is usually due to loss of/insufficient beneficial bacteria in the tank and also happens at the end of the cycling process, (have you done a lot of aquarium cleaning later or changed the filter?) You could add live bacteria such as “Cycle” or “Stress Zyme” etc into the tank to speed up the growth of bacteria. I would continue with the twice weekly water changes if the nitrate is very high, if extremely high then I would do the 50% as aquaman suggested, (& you should never change any more then 50% of the tank water) otherwise I would just do 20-25% once a week or 10-15% twice a week when levels are stable.

Has your PH level suddenly increased or has it always been around 7.6 and have you used anything to lower it? If you have & it stays at 7.6 then your buffer capacity is working. That PH is OK and fish acclimitise well – it is the fluctuation in levels that kill the fish. I wouldn’t try & change it, but if you want to use Seachem it has to be done very slowly.

A low KH does increase ph levels, using baking soda (won’t harm fish) can increase KH and distilled water will decrease KH. Also the GH can change PH – hard water usually has a high PH and soft water – low PH, it is much easier to adjust the PH in soft than it is with hard water. Ammonia does increase in toxicity with rising pH levels and nitrifying bacteria experience a growth and reduced efficiency at low PH levels (but that is at a ph of 6 or lower).

I really don’t think that your ph level is contributing to your nitrate problem & I wouldn’t try to change it (my tap water/tank water are 7.6), I wouldn’t recommend adding any chemicals just yet - partial water changes are the best thing (but not too many as it can often makes things worse).

Hope this has helped a bit Eric - good luck


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