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Bettas Questions and comments about bettas

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sandygirl sandygirl is offline
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Default Friend gave me a Beta pet

I am having enough trouble getting my tank stable. To night a friend came to vist with a male and female Betta. I let the male go in my tank and put the female in the fry container. He seems to be doing alright and so does she. Now what do I do? I have 1 male swordtail, 1 swordtail fry, 3 Silver Mollys (just bought yesterday), and 1 Weather Loach. in a 28 gal tank. The Bettas are beautiful, but can they survive in a mixed tank. The temperature of my tank is about 79F. The Nitrate & Nitrate are OK the Ammonia is a little high but I have added Ammonia Block and will continue to do water changes till the Ammonia is 0.
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Aquaman#1 Aquaman#1 is offline
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Default Re: Friend gave me a Beta pet

Hi sandygirl,

Bettas,can be put in a mixed commuity,but they do not do great with

Fast Swimmers Such as Danios,or Fin nippers such as Tiger Barbs or Male Guppies because they remind them of male bettas. Female bettas would do better in a community tank.
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suppleupagus suppleupagus is offline
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Default Re: Friend gave me a Beta pet

Betta's are great community fish, despite them being nasty towards each other. They are pretty peaceful most of the time and should get along great with the fish you already have in the tank. I wouldnt put them in the tank together because he will try to mate with her constantly and they will end up fighting or he will kill her by tiring her out. Since you already added the male to your main tank, I would keep him in there and get something else for the female, either to live alone or another community tank. At least a couple gallons and a heater would be excellent.
As Aquaman stated, avoid fin nippers at all costs, they will chew him up alive and he will never have those long flowing fins again


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