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Default Re: Common Goldfish

WTG Greensleeves!!

Originally Posted by anabolism View Post

I got my hands full in getting my new topical tank off the ground but I still might get a goldfish in the future. Anybody seen those bio-orbs? I bet one or two would go well in a 16 gallon bio-orb. As long as the goldfish was small I bet you could put a small school of white clouds in with 'em. I wonder if the goldfish would grow up and eat them or leave them alone since they were raised around them. Sounds like an experiment. *LoL*

Coming back to one of your original questions anabolism I can't say that I have seen a bio-orb tank. I think that 1 goldifsh should be OK for a while if still small (but will definitely need a bigger tank later on). Although not shoaling fish, they are very social and do prefer the company of others of their own species. It is possible that when bigger, the goldfish (if it is one of the faster swimming goldfish) may try to eat the white clouds, but I'm not sure. White clouds are very prolific breeders, so you may end up with more than you bargained for.

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Default Re: Common Goldfish

Originally Posted by sandygirl View Post
Somehow we have to stop the sale of Bettas in small bowles and I think we have to start at WalMart to start the education. WalMart is a careing and compasionate coroperation so they might be the leaders in stopping the cruelity to Beta fish.
The reason bettas are often sold in small containers is because they have the ability to breath air directly unlike some fish. I'm sure it is assumed that the person who purchases the fish will provide it with decent living quarters once home. And are you being serious about that Walmart statement? I've seen unmaintained tanks and dying fish such as bettas being sold in small containers at Walmart. Caring and compasionate indeed. Hope you're being sarcastic here. Walmart has a rather jaded reputation with the treatment of their own employees.

Anyways, off the topic I know.
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Default Re: Common Goldfish

A thread has been created in "Topics for Debate" for the discussion of "Betta Cruelty".
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Thumbs up Re: Common Goldfish

Originally Posted by Greensleeves View Post
This year I'm launching a small crusade at school whereas I will have all of my students read and discuss an article about betta care and I guess I could also add goldfish care as well. We generally do read articles about basic aquarium set up and maintenance...

The only way to stop this nonsense of bettas in vases without food and goldfish in tiny bowls is by educating people, so I guess this is one muscle I can flex

I am extremely happy reading about your project. People need to be educated and that starts in school (well within the family first) but school needs to make up for what family education misses. I really suffer when I see those poor bettas in tiny glasses of still water. Somewhere the circle has to be broken - if family does not know or does not care, the teacher has to step in. Your students will remember your teachings and will be able in turn to educate their children.


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