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Plants Questions and comments about freshwater plants

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Default Re: Plants aren't working well...

the potted plants are... swords ? how does it work out keeping them in pots?
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Default Re: Plants aren't working well...

Originally Posted by Dano View Post
Sure looks bigger than that to me. What is the lxwxh?

i wish it was a 150,maybe after the holidays and birthdays and anniversary and...j/k
4'x18"x21" is about the length

Greensleeves,yes they are swords
just the regular one you buy petco.
the plant is doing great,i had to add a plant jobe because it was showing a major nutrient definciancy
once this tank is planted again i will sure leave the pot in ,in case i feel like remodeling
those roots are longer than anything i seen before and they intertwine with other plants like a foot away
and get this i only have 56 watts over the tank
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Default Re: Plants aren't working well...

Hi there,

Can I just add to all of you who have had trouble with java fern. This plant must not be planted in the substrate.

It can be tied to bogwood or decorations where it will spread it's roots and take hold. If you bury the root system it will fade and die. It can be held in place with an elastic band - looks a bit unsightly but is easily removed once the root system develops. - Grows well in low light.

There's more to fishkeeping than meets the eye.

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