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Angelfish and Discus General questions and comments about angelfish and discus.

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silent_rock_faery silent_rock_faery is offline
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Default Re: 6 day old angels

aw they're cute. i'm waiting for my mollies to have babies. taking so long...
male betta

male betta

3 male guppies
3 peppered cories
2 bristlenose catfish
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Mirage Mirage is offline
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Default Re: 6 day old angels

There is a pic of mine in the members gallery. When the eggs first hatch but are not free swimming they pick them all off the slate and place them ontop of the sponge filter. And then once they become free swimming they grab them in their mouths and place them back untill all of they are swimming. Then they pick them all up in their mouths when they feel threatened. I made the mistake of thinking they were eating them and grabbed the parents out only to find about 50 fry swimming around in the tank I moved them to. So I made them pick them all up again and moved them into their original tank.
I believe the link to my gallery is


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