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Angelfish and Discus General questions and comments about angelfish and discus.

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Question Discus Question

Currently I have 2 tanks of Discus.

First tank 39 gallon:I bought the first 4 about a year and 1/2 ago and two of them paired up. I separated them from the other two and they laid eggs several times, but always ended up eating them.

For what ever reason I decided to separate the male and female for a while. so I got another 39 gallon tank. I put the original two that I separated from the pair back in the tank with the female. I bought 3 more smaller Discus and put the Male in with them.

This has been about 6 months. Everybody is happy and healthy.

I now would like to put the Male and female back in the same tank and see what happens. How do you think I should do it. Should I put the male back with the female in a tank by themselves or just put the male back in as the original 4 until they pair up again, if they do?

Confusing huh.

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Default Re: Discus Question

If it were me I would put the original group back together and allow them to select their own mates again......................Remember that Discus as with many other Cichlids raised in captivity will have difficulties in breeding and often need numerous matings to get it right..................Many aquarists will separate the bonded pair into a quiet environment where they can mate in peace after they see that the pair are definitely bonded.................One has to observe the pair closely during their mating to determine that the pair are separate sexes...............Two females will pair and go through the mating ritual, then eat the eggs. This is not uncommon in angel fish and discus in captive conditions.
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