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Default Wal-mart fish

Is anyone else's local walmart as terrible in keeping fish as mine? My local wal-mart is so horrible. all the tanks are dirty and there is always died fish floating in every tank. it's clear they dont hire people just for that. I talk to a worker around the fish tanks and ask if they give some sort of training to take care of these animals. she replied wit a smirk, "nah"
one day my girlfiend and I had enough. we saw in 1 tank there was a pile of bones that were once fish. A PILE OF BONES! that means they left dying, dead fish in the tank a very long time after they died. once again "BONES!"
my girlfriend called the local humane soc. and they said they get calls almost everyday about walmarts poor care of fishs. and yet nothing is ever done.
sry just a rant. so is it just my walmart or does this happen everywhere?

and again...BONES! I mean how long does a dead fish have to in a tank to end up nothing but bones?
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Thumbs down Re: Wal-mart fish

Mines just as bad, and the Petsmarts/Petcos are almost as bad
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Default Re: Wal-mart fish

I'd rate my WM fish dept as fair. The clerk makes an effort there. My LFS was so bad at one point with FW disease and ill looking fish I reported it to the local animal control, ect. None of the fish sold around here are kept how I would like to see them kept. I'd spoil them.........Anyways complain everytime you see bad conditions there. Sooner or later something will get done about it. Don't give up. The fish can't speak for themselves.
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Default Re: Wal-mart fish

One of the rules I use when I purchase fish is to not purchase any fish until they have been in the fish store's tank for at least a week.

The reason for this is the fish stores usually buy their fish from distributors across the country and the fish have been in an uncontrolled environment for a few days while in transit (by uncontrolled I mean no heat controlls and no circulation of water.).

Also the fish the distributor gets may have recently been delivered under much the same conditions as they get shipped to the fish store.

Then there is the age of fish issue, unless you buy direct from a breeder/fish farm you will have no idea how old the fish is. Some breeders will take their old breeding stock and sell them to make room for the more productive/younger animals to breed. This means you may get a fish that typically has a three year life span when it is 2.9 years old (ready to die).

Also the way fish farms raise the fish is a contributor as some are raised in ponds and the breeder just dips his/her net into and sends what ever comes up to the fish store (even if the ponds are breed specific you have the potential to get all ages of fish including some that are on their last legs of life).

Many small fish stores have the lattitude to purchase fish from private parties where the big chain stores (wal-mart included) don't; this is why the local pet store purchased the 16 Mystic Blue swordtail fish from me (they were born 31 Oct 08 and we were able to easily identify the gender of the fish) on the 29th of this month for slightly more than she would have paid a distributor ($2.50 each due to the fact that they were locally bred which for her means healthier fish usually as well as a more controlled environment for the fish durring transport.... end result is healthier fish).

The fact that the large pet stores don't remove the dead fish or make more of an effort to segragate sick fish is what bothers me, but given all the factors it doesn't suprize me to see dead fish in the large chain store tanks (especially when they have been shipped in winter months adding extreme low water tempuratures to the equation... and my referenct to the water temp is only relating to what the fish would normally live in... )


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