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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Maryland
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Default mineral build up

I always get this whit mineral stuff that build up on the the outside of the tank.. like on the filter and the lid. what is the cause of this? is there a way to avoid it or an easy way to clean it?
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Default Re: mineral build up

It is the salt, calicum, and other minerals that are left behind when the water evaporates....It is common to nearly all fish tanks..........Just wipe it off with Windex, venegar, or plain water....Don't get any of the cleaning agents in the tank water.............
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D.Gray D.Gray is offline
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Default Re: mineral build up

To add to what Dano has recommended I sometimes will use a green scotch brite pad that is wet with either tank or tap water and scrub tough spots and then dry with a T-shirt as I have found the T-shirt to be very absorbant.

If what Dano has recommended and the scotch brite don't work then I move on to either Lime Away or CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust). To use either of these products I apply the cleaner to a rag and then scrub the hard water spots off of the exterior of the tank and when I can't see the hard water spots I take a clean damp rag and rinse the cleaner off, and then do a final dry with a T-shirt (preferably one from the dirty clothes so you aren't dirtying up a clean T-shirt).

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geese geese is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Maryland
Posts: 54
Default Re: mineral build up

Thanks for the responses im going to try it out tomorow.

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