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Tropical Fish Compatibility Questions and comments about compatibility

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Question Dwarf neon rainbow/tank mates

Hi all, I'm trying to plan for what fish I can get in the future, that will be compatible with my dwarf neon rainbow's and corries.

I was thinking of a school of lemon tetras and maybe some mollies? I was wondering if there is anyone else that has kept this combination?

I'm open to any opinion's on this topic.

Vanessa B
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Default Re: Dwarf neon rainbow/tank mates

Neon Rainbows are beautiful, peaceful fish. They are very active, like Zebra Danios. So I really doubt they will have problems with what you plan to have. I had mine with an Angel, Discus, other bigger Rainbows, Clown Loach, etc etc. No problem. But they are school fish, so keep that in mind. You should get 3-5. Mine endure about a year, but I bought him as an adult. Juveniles have the tips of the fins in yellow. As they grow they will change to red. I think they are ideal for medium sized tanks. You will love them!!! But they aren't exactly cheap, at least here...
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Vanessa B Vanessa B is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Posts: 174
Question Re: Dwarf neon rainbow/tank mates

Thanks Lemuel,

My tank is 20 gallons. Is that ok for 2 Dwarf neon rainbows, 5 small corries, a school of 5 lemon tetras, and maybe 5 small mollies? I was thinking of balloon mollies. What do you think?

I don't remember exactly what lemon tetras cost were I live, but I don't think they're too bad in price.

Do Mollies require aquarium salt? If so, how much, and would it hurt my corries?

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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: Dwarf neon rainbow/tank mates

For a 20 gall. Vanessa and using the 1 inch per gall. Rule just as a generalization for determining how many fish you can have in that tank, in my opinion that would be too many fish, and remember you need to use their adult size.

Rainbows grow approx. 2 inches
Lemon Tetras approx. 1.5/2 inches
Cories approx. 3 inches (depending on which species but most can grow to 3 inches)
Mollies approx. 3 inches

If you are getting 5 mollies that is 15 inches straight away, 5 cories = 15 inches, 5 Lemons = 10 inches and 2 Rainbows = 4 inches. TOTAL of 44 inches so your tank would be overstocked I’m afraid.

The Mollies will also have babies if you have male/females. Mollies do have the ability to adapt to a variety of salt levels in an aquarium and with a very gradual acclimation Mollies may be maintained in either a freshwater aquarium or a saltwater aquarium. In the freshwater aquarium, a teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon is recommended for optimum health but that is really not necessary and only if they are in a species specific tank, not in a community tank and yes! it will hurt the Cories, they can’t tolerate salt as they do not have scales and it will burn their skin. Salt IS NOT needed for any freshwater fish and really should only be used as a medication.

All your choice of fish like to be in groups, including the Rainbow as Lemuel mentioned. I would personally leave out the Mollies. Hope this helps a little.

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Vanessa B Vanessa B is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Posts: 174
Post Re: Dwarf neon rainbow/tank mates

Wow....Thanks Bernie! I didn't realize how bad that was! Do you have any suggestions for other types of fish that would be good with my rainbows and corries?

My 5 cories are 1 inch and they have been that size for quite a while now, so I'm thinking I must have the small species. Although they may just be very slow growing. My dwarf rainbows must be full grown now, because they are already 2 to 2&1/4 inches.

It's funny you should say that about rainbows being in groups, because I used to have 4 and they were always fighting. Now that I have 2 they get along great.

Do you know if Lemon tetra's will school with other types of tetras?

Thanks again Bernie!
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 1,756
Default Re: Dwarf neon rainbow/tank mates

Dwarf Neon Rainbows & Cories are compatible with most Tetras, livebearers, Danios, some Barbs, sharks and many others, it probably comes down to what your preference is, but bear in mind that most of their compatible tankmates are schooling fish.

Lemons are a good choice and they will swim with other tetras if it is beneficial to them (safety etc.) but for actual schooling it is still best to have 6 of the same species – fish usually recognize each other by colour and markings such as spots/stripes similar to their own.

Your Rainbows may have been males, which can be feisty at times but cause no harm to each other (are you sure it was fighting and not just playing Vanessa?) – they do normally prefer to be in a group, and also require a lot of swimming space. When any fish is in a smaller tank (referring mainly to anything under 30-40 galls.) their normal behaviour can change, which is why nearly everyone has different experiences with their fish and there is no telling what their behaviour may be.

Just a tip about Rainbows (you may know this already) is that it is best to feed them food that is small in size as they have quite a tiny throat compared to the size of their mouth, and larger sized food could get stuck in their throat.

Regarding growth - Fry usually grow really quickly but once fish reach adolescence it usually slows down (depending on their metabolism) and they can take many yrs. to reach their full size. It also depends on their diet and the amount of food they eat, If fed more they will grow faster usually. Maybe your cories are still young, and Rainbows can be quite the little greedy guts!

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Smile Re: Dwarf neon rainbow/tank mates

I have Dwarf rainbows at home they go with all the other rainbows also with tetras

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